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Who is that shy man in casual clothes and running shoes speaking in front of hundreds of people about mental health and life balance? It’s me. Welcome to my world. I ripped off President John F. Kennedy’s famous quote and applied it to my personal philosophy: “Ask not how life is treating you. Ask how you are treating life.” There’s little we can control about the uncertainties that life delivers at our doorstep. But we are always free to choose what we do with life’s curve balls. And the nature of our mental health and well-being comes from realizing that what happens each day happens for us, not to us. As a psychotherapist with 25 years of experience and an author of 40-plus self-help books and writer of several murder mysteries, I practice the balance between work and play with the tagline, “I heal by day and kill by night.” You can choose below which portal you wish to enter first: my serious side or my playful side. Safe travels…

My tagline is “I heal by day and kill by night.” You can choose below which portal you wish to enter first: my serious side or my playful side. Safe travels...


I work as a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed clinical mental health counselor. I maintain a private practice in Asheville, NC, where I help people heal from anxiety and depression, find work-life balance, and recover from other mental health issues. By day I also write healing articles on mental health for Forbes and Thrive Global and give keynote addresses to organizations on mental health topics. Everything I do therapeutically is to help people live more fully from their Central Command Center or C-Spot where they enjoy 10 states of mind: curiosity, calm, clarity, courage, confidence, connectedness, compassion, creativity, comedy, and celebration.

Kill BY NIGHT...

In the evenings and on weekends, my playful parts come out. I write murder mysteries such as Way DEAD Upon the Suwannee River and She’ll Be KILLING Round the Mountain on the side. If you do me wrong, watch out. I might make you a character and kill you off in one of my novels. I often speak at writing conferences such as Killer Nashville or International Thriller Writers. I get to play and be serious with my cohort in crime, Monica Parker in our podcast, “How’s That Working For Ya? The Shrink And The Smarty Pants”. By night I love to party, play, and have fun with friends and family. Over the years, I have learned that play and lightheartedness are essential for life balance and mental health.


Bryan Robinson is the seminal voice in work addiction recovery. I have greatly benefited from his guidance, experience, knowledge and wisdom on the topic of healing from what I consider to be the quietest and most insidious (and often praised) addiction in today’s times.

Alanis Morissette, singer/songwriter

The world of work is in flux, as Robinson is keenly aware. In this updated edition of Chained to the Desk, he provides insights into the world of hybrid work and the increasing pervasiveness of workaholic employees and bosses. This useful book will find a broad audience.





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